Transfer a pet by taxi


We undertake easily, quickly, reliably and safely carry your beloved pet in a special place.

RADIOTAXI HELLAS while respecting modern transport needs of our passengers who are owners, pet, wants to inform that with pleasure we can carry you and your pet in the desired destination.

We can provide transportation out of the ordinary, such as receipt of your a pet and delivery of at a predetermined address. B.C. veterinary clinic.

So you give you the opportunity to easily take you to any destination you wish, without the stress of urban mobility and without stay away from your pet or to save time calling us to transfer your pet unattended where you want.

Terms and conditions of carriage:

To have health book updated.

To be up to 12 kg.

Cats should always be in a transport cage. Use transport cage throughout the duration of the movement. (Applies if the pet is unaccompanied)